As a Political and Social leader

Mr.K.M.Pareeth could contribute much to his own community as the President of the Muhyadeen Jamayath at Randar for a period of 8 years. During this period he could   achieve the development of the Mahal as a whole.

As the president of Avoly grama panchayath, he could give leadership for the socio economic development of the people of Avoly  panchayath for ten years. During this period he served the people of the panchayath as the Chairman of Karshaka Vikasana Samathy. Also he had been the Chairman of development Committee for the Ayurveda, Allopathy and Homeopathic hospitals in Avoly panchayath.In the year 1995 he was honoured  by the Chief  Minister Sri.K.Karunakaran by giving an award for his efficient performance as the President of Avoly panchayath.  During this time he could give leadership in the construction of a hospital in one acre of land with the help of Fr. George  Kunnappally.  He was also the member of the hospital advisory Committee of the Taluk Head quarters hospital at Muvattupuzha.

Apart from the above activities he had been a successful business man at Muvattupuzha.  He was the president of Merchants Association, Muvattupuzha for 8 years.

As an Educationalist

Chairman- H.I Trust

As the chairman of H.I.Trust with the cooperation of his colleagues he could start an aided L.P.School in his native place “Randar” near Muvattupuzha during the year 1979.  Even now he serves as the Manager of the school

Founder chairman of the Ilahia Trust

Ilahia Trust was formed by a group of 70 members and was headed by Mr.K.M Pareeth from the very beginning with the head office at Muvattupuzha. It was formed as a Charitable Trust and could start a number of educational institutions like Ilahia Public School, Ilahia Arts and Science College, Ilahia Engineering college and an aided L.P.School.  Now the trust is planning to start a medical college at Kothamangalam.

Chairman- Indira Gandhi Memorial Trust

In 2001, Indira Gandhi Memorial Trust was formed by Mr.K.M. Pareeth.  Under his leadership as the chairman the Trust could obtain sanction for the Indira Gandhi College of Arts and Science at Kothamangalam.  Now the college has established itself as one of the leading institution around in academic excellence under the guidance of the Principal Prof. Showkathali and other senior members of the faculty.  The college could boast of a University rank in B.Sc. Biochemistry in the first batch itself and First Rank in M.Sc Microbiology (2004-06). In the year 2007 the college could get the First Rank,Second,Third Rank for B.Sc.Biochemistry.

Within the short period of time the Trust could establish a T.T.I, B.Ed College, Dental College, Engineering College and a paramedical Institution.

We are grateful to Almighty for the blessings showered upon us for the achievements and progress of the Trust.